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How Ecolo Works

Every odour has a solution, and every one of our solutions has a science behind it. Find out about our technology and how we can customize an odour solution to work with your application.

How Ecolo Works
How Ecolo Works How Ecolo Works How Ecolo Works How Ecolo Works
How Ecolo Works

The best part? We do the installation and servicing.

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What about equipment technology?

Meet our modern odour control systems

Technology: Equipment

Ecolo Toronto's range of odour control units distribute formulations in a way that works for your facility.

Before installation, we will examine and assess the source of the odours, your operations and facility type. Based on our findings, we will design a system that integrates into your operation with the appropriate controls to manage your odour issues.

After assessing your needs, we provide one of either a high-pressure, medium-pressure, atomizing or vapor system, that are both weather resistant and corrosion resistant. Our units operate quietly and have integrated controller design so that programming can be adjusted to your preference.

With a wide selection of equipment, odour neutralizers and the ability to customize both, we will build a solution that will get the job done.

For more detailed breakdowns of our different equipment technology, follow the links below:

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