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How Ecolo Works

Every odour has a solution, and every one of our solutions has a science behind it. Find out about our technology and how we can customize an odour solution to work with your application.

How Ecolo Works
How Ecolo Works How Ecolo Works How Ecolo Works How Ecolo Works
How Ecolo Works

Fine-tuned formulations

Natural odour neutralizers that target specific odours

Technology: AirSolutions and XStreme Odour Neutralizers

Our technologies emit two classes of aldehyde compounds, which are a type of molecule that naturally occurs in essential oils. Aldehyde compounds can be easily converted into secondary products, especially when emitted into the air (oxygen is a readily available and natural reagent for this type of reaction).

As such, Ecolo Toronto's two-aldehyde compounds attract and react with common organic or foul smelling compounds in the air. The reaction will either produce an entirely new odourless compound, or modify the compound so that it smells more pleasant and can be diffused through the air quicker than it would have, until it is untraceable.

Our two-aldehyde technology has proven very effective against sulfur, primary and secondary amines ranging from rotten egg, decay, urine, cheesy odours and perspiration. With more than 40 different odour neutralizers available, our solutions have a specific formula designed to eliminate each particular odour and acid.

To learn more about how our products, neutralize odours, click on the product of interest to download the datasheets:

If you don’t find a datasheet for your odour issue, please reach out to us and we’ll provide you with the information you need.

AirSolution 9314 datasheet
Ideal for neutralizing odours from transfer stations and landfill operations

AirSolution 9312 datasheet
Optimized for wastewater treatment and lagoon odours

AirSolution 9204 datasheet
Eliminate odours from industrial, petrochemical and metals processing operations

AirSolution 9149 datasheet
Optimized to eliminate organic odours created from composting operations

AirSolution 9309 datasheet
Designed for eliminating odours created from various food processing operations.