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Industrial Services

Eliminate unwanted odours, no matter how your facility is laid out, and what materials you’re with. Ecolo Toronto works with a number of industries, find yours below.

Industrial Services
Industrial Services Industrial Services
Industrial Services

Ecolo Toronto handles problem odours in:

  • Landfills
  • Transfer stations
  • Composting
  • Recycling Centres
  • Bio Solids treatment
  • Wastewater
    • Headworks
    • Sludge handling
    • Tanks/lagoons
    • Perimeter
    • Lift stations

Waste and Wastewater

Eliminate problem odours completely, and naturally

Odour removal in municipal and industrial solid waste and wastewater operations is part of the package. It's simply a necessary consideration for the safe operation of your facilities and for maintaining your good neighbour status.

No masking or perfumes—true neutralization

Ecolo Toronto's 100% natural odour removal formulations are available for different types of treatment methods. We carry a full-line of vapour and misting formulations to treat nearly any type of air-borne odours through the process of odour neutralization. Our line of BioStreme products can be safely applied directly to waste and wastewater streams and uses micronutrients to direct the microbiology of decomposing matter. This means that the offensive smells are removed while the decomposition of the materials on-site continues naturally.

Our inventory of custom crafted odour removal equipment has been carefully tailored over 40-plus years in the business to meet the specific odour elimination needs of solid waste and wastewater treatment facilities in various geographies and climates.

Whether you're planning construction of a new facility or have an existing operation that needs a solution for smells, Ecolo Toronto will work with your planning staff to assess your needs and recommend the right system..

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