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How Ecolo Works

Every odour has a solution, and every one of our solutions has a science behind it. Find out about our technology and how we can customize an odour solution to work with your application.

How Ecolo Works
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Is the odour neutralizing permanent?

Yes, and permanent neutralization can be accomplished in a couple of different ways.

Odour neutralizing technology, explained

How we remove smells without adding chemicals

Technology: XStreme & AirSolution Odour Neutralizers

Neutralize odours that are a source of complaints, without introducing any chemicals into your environment.

Our technology introduces two classes of aldehydes, which are a type of molecule that naturally occurs in essential oils. When the aldehyde combination meets airborne molecules containing bad smells, they react and create a new, odourless or less volatile compound. This is nature's method of permanently eliminating odours, accelerated.

Every AirSolution or XStreme odour neutralizer has a specific formula that has been designed to eliminate each particular odour. Whether it's garbage, cooking, smoking, cannabis or others, we have designed specific targeted solutions that provide effective and efficient results.