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How Ecolo Works

Every odour has a solution, and every one of our solutions has a science behind it. Find out about our technology and how we can customize an odour solution to work with your application.

How Ecolo Works
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Where is odour neutralizing technology used?
Odour neutralization goes to work in:

  • Condo/Apartment Trash Rooms & Chutes, Common Areas/Hallways
  • Resturant Trash rooms and Kitchen exhausts
  • Shopping Malls Trash rooms, washrooms , Odours in Common Spaces
  • Hotels Trash rooms, Hallways, Kitchen exhaust
  • Retirement Homes
  • Fitness Centers
  • Health Care/Hospitals
  • Many Other Applications to Address Garbage, Cooking, Smoking, Pet, Odours and others.


Foaming technology surface treatment

For organic substances

Technology: BioStreme

Often, organic matter is left on the surfaces of trash room floors, bins, chutes or other waste-related areas. When the living cells die, they attract bacteria that break down and decompose dead tissue. The decomposition process produces unpleasant smelling gases — which is where our formulations come in.

BioStreme 9442F is a foam that can be applied to the organics on these surfaces. As it mingles with the organics, the foam introduces micronutrients and combines with the molecules of the decomposing organic matter. The balance of the molecules is shifted from being odorous, to odourless. Essentially it cleans the surface of the problem odours.

This whole process is 100 percent safe and natural; no toxic chemicals are ever used or created.

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Ecolo Toronto is uniquely equipped to service commercial markets. We have over 40 proven odour neutralizers to make sure that the smells of garbage, cooking, smoking, marijuana, pets and many others, don't define your space. Every product is formulated and manufactured in Canada. We employ a specialized staff of experienced technicians, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives.

We are committed to providing the latest, safest, most effective odour control technologies available today.

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