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How Ecolo Works

Every odour has a solution, and every one of our solutions has a science behind it. Find out about our technology and how we can customize an odour solution to work with your application.

How Ecolo Works
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Read more about the ambient additive technologies we use:

XStreme™ Vapour and AirStreme® Systems are used in large areas and HVAC systems.

Ambient options and technology

Creating chemical-free environments

Technology: Ambient scenting

Scents can leave a lasting and positive impression with people moving through your space. Whether those scents are welcoming, relaxing, or exhilarating — they play a vital role in the environment you create.

By eliminating pre-existing smells with our odour control neutralizers, blended with our ambient aromas, Ecolo Toronto can help you leave a lasting and positive impression. That means spaces free of cooking, smoking or garbage odours, complemented by a light and subtle ambient scent.

Here's why it works so well

The technology: XStreme is a dry vapor diffusion delivery system. It provides uniform, hypoallergenic, ambient scenting services blended with odour neutralizers.

The Science: Ecolo Toronto's dry vapour systems use essential oils created from plant extracts. Millions of tiny, lightweight, waterless particles are evenly dispensed into the environment. The airborne offensive molecules collide repeatedly with the solution molecules, and odours are neutralized into non-odourous molecules. This process of combining the different molecules with each other accelerates the natural process of odour neutralization, removing the lingering gases that cause smells.

The Added Scents: When blended with an ambient scent of your choice, the dry vapour leaves behind a scent to help create the environment you want—whether that be exhilariating, relaxing or welcoming.

The smells that inhabited your space are replaced with fresh options, such as Italian Linen, Cucumber Melon, Mandarian Lemongrass and many more. You also have the option of selecting a completely neutral non-scent for your space.

When you're ready to get started, our free 30-day product trial will let you see the results for yourself, obligation-free.

Which solution is best for my building?

The specific Ecolo Toronto system chosen for your building will depend on the size of the space and how it's used on a daily basis. Dry vapour solutions are dispensed consistently and evenly, even if multiple zones require different combinations of capability. Our systems are designed to perform in year-round applications, including below-freezing temperatures.

Free 30-day Product Trial

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