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We have an issue with being able to keep our garbage bins clean. Does Ecolo Toronto have a solution for cleaning bins?

Ecolo Toronto’s Pro Solution is a one-step degreaser, sanitizer and odour neutralizer for garbage bins. Pro Solution 9442F is an effective surface treatment cleaner for bins, chutes and garbage room floors. This product is easy to apply and does not need rinsing.

How much does it cost?

There is one monthly fee that covers everything, including your service visit and any equipment repairs that may be needed. If additional service calls are required, there is no extra fee. There is no cost for installation. The monthly fee has no hidden surprise costs.

What is included in your service

As part of the monthly fee, we start by installing the equipment—which remains the property of Ecolo Toronto and is rented to you—and then we take care of the rest.

Our professional service technicians inspect the equipment, perform regular preventive maintenance, and replace the odour neutralizer or any other parts that need to be replaced, every 30 days. If there is any reason you require service before our regular visit, we can be on site within 24 hours of your call.

Are Ecolo Toronto’s odour elimination products safe for people with allergies?

Ecolo Toronto's products are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, providing a safe and effective method for neutralizing odours.

Our products are all formulated in-house by qualified scientists, utilizing all natural plant-based odour neutralizers that eliminate unpleasant smells, rather than just masking them.

Ecolo Toronto supports the LEED® initiative

Are customers able to select their preferred ambient scent?

Ecolo Toronto offers a wide variety of popular ambient scents for you to choose from. You can virtually create any type of atmosphere you want in your building—including having no scent at all. If you're curious about what's available, simply contact us and we'll prepare a sample ambient scent kit for you to preview.

Do you have a no scent product?

Yes, we carry a variety of different odour neutralizers including a no scent product that eliminates smells emanating from smoking or cooking.

Why should I choose Ecolo Toronto?

With over 40 years of experience, we are the odour control experts. We have more than 40 customized products for every odour type, from garbage and cooking smells, to cigarette, or cannabis and so on.

Our system will outperform your current system and save you on cleaning supply costs. Our low monthly price comes with no hidden fees, no surprises. We even have a free 30-day trial that you can find here.

How do I get started?

When you're ready to take the first step, contact our office and we'll send out a Sales Representative to meet with you, conduct a site assessment, and answer any questions you have. Within 48 hours of your initial visit from our sales representative, you will have a proposal specific to your property with our recommendation for the system(s) that would best work for you.

How does your system work/operate?

Our products are natural, safe and water-free. Instead of spreading a wet mist to mask odour, our system emits a dry vapour that reacts with airborne odours to neutralize them. The system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep unwanted smells out of the air. The system is versatile and can be adopted for garbage rooms or for hallways, lobbies etc.

For hallways and lobbies after eliminating smells, you have the option of our ambient technology to emit a customizable subtle scent of your choice into the air. For more information on the science behind the product, click here.

What other products does Ecolo Toronto offer?

We offer a variety of other products,

  • Gel Tech odour solutions for small, compacted rooms
  • Bug Zapper for fruit flies in garbage rooms
  • Surface Treatment cleaner that works as a degreaser, sanitizer and deodorizer, designed for bins and chutes
  • Other solutions can be found here